Cement and Lime Facilities

A temperature of over 900 degrees is needed for the lime burning process. All the production is made under extreme conditions. In facilities with such difficult conditions, the industrial  elevators are very efficient in carrying personnel and load to desired height and they are produced according to those tough conditions (dust, humidity and high temperatures). Also, the industrial hoists are produced to offer solutions for;

  • Maintenance of the facility or silos
  • Inspection of the facility and silos, and
  • Personnel and load transportation

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a wide production field including polymer, medicines, oil refinery, petrochemicals and many more. Each chemical facility may have its unique environmental conditions and depending industrial facade lift. The hoists for vertical transportation is produced for chemical industry in order to decrease the time, energy and costs with various cabin sizes and high strength to special conditions. Additionally, it does not require anything special like pit to be installed. The carrying capacity is 200 – 3000 Kg.

Automation Industry

The products to be manufactured with industrial automation systems are produced with minimum failure and maximum speed, so the cost per product is decreased seriously. As ARKENG, we provide special solutions working together with robots in industrial factories. Thus, in productions requiring vertical carrying, the most appropriate solution is provided to decrease the costs and increase the efficiency.  

Metal and Steel Facilities

In metal and steel production facilities, they are used to carry the operators of the hoists which carry the raw materials, and to take the personnel to required height for the filter measurements of cooling towers.

Electric Facilities

The measurements of the wastes to be generated in electric production plants which may use natural gas, nuclear power, coals or water should be performed regularly according to general laws for environmental well-being. The personnel who perform those measurements can reach without any problem from inside or outside of smokestack with ARKENG industrial facade lift safely.


In ports where there is 24/7 activity, the cranes have critical importance to load and unload the containers. Many cranes with various heights and standards are delivered with stairs and in bad weather conditions, it is risky for an individual to reach the crane through this stairs. Also, the crane maintenance requires much time and effort. ARKENG insdustrial elevators allow the cranes to operate safely with maximum safety. Specially designed light cabin and masts give minimum load to the cranes.



The shipyards are the place where the ships are constructed or maintained. There are many machines such as cranes, working platform, various leverages, hoists used for ship construction. While as Arkeng we are offering our work platforms for facade works, the transportation of the parts for maintenance or production inside of the ship can be realised from the outside with hoists.