Curve & Inclined Hoists

It is designed to carry the personnel and loads to the construction models with varying inclinations no matter if the inclination is stable or variable in power plants, nuclear smokestack or bridge pipers. Like our all other models, there are various solutions in terms of the size and the capacity according to the project in our inclined hoists.
Technical Specifications
Capacity 200 Kg – 3000 Kg
Cabin Width (Inner Bread) 1.0 m – 3.3 m
Cabin Length (Inner Bread) 1.4 m – 6.0 m
Cabin Height 2.15 m
Maximum Working Height 200 m ( Can be arbitrarily increased )
Speed 38m/min, 52m/min or 90m/min
Power 380 – 500 V, 50-60 Hz, 3 phase