Rack and Pinion Slope Lifts

Once in every 9 meters, it is supported on a concrete base and so the comprehensive construction works are decreased to the minimum level. The rail system consists of double geared treadmill and electrical power source with support and guiding wheels.

The moving system is placed at lower part. Thus, no engine hub is required. It means that it does not need an engine room. 2 electrical motors make the movements possible on pinion through gear reducers. By the help of built-in frequency control, the acceleration, deceleration and stop are done without any shock.

By the help of the movement on rack gear, the cost of operation and maintenance is the lowest.


Rope Slope Lift

It includes all the specifications of the lifting technology with complete safety at sloping fields with panoramic or closed cabins to provide mass transportation.



  • In sloping lands, it provides more cost-efficient solutions with compare to the cable car.
  • It is a modern application to transport people among different levels.
  • High travel speed (1.6 m/s) ACVV and VVF speed control for safe travel.
  • Production according to EN 81 standards
  • Employment in touristic activities
  • Protection of ecology