Tower Crane Operator Hosit

ARK-TCH200 that is designed for the tower crane operators to reach the tower crane safely and quickly, can be assembled inside or outside of the tower crane masts no matter if they are old or new, according to the requirement.

It might be life saving if the operator can be reached quickly in case of injuries or sickness of the operator. It is quite difficult and dangerous to perform such actions through the stairs of the crane without the lift.


Tower Crane Specifications

         Control from inside of the cabin

         Electrical and mechanical safety systems

         Frequency Inverter(Frequency Control)

         Over Load Sensor (Optional)

         Remote control (Optional)

         1,85 kw X 2 motor                

         Bidirectional rack and pinion gear

         Helical gear reducer

         600*1200*2150 mm

         200 kg/2 people